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Saki Katayama - Japanese teaching assistant


Saki KatayamaNow, it has been 10 months since I came to the United States, but I still remember the day when I stood in front of many students in a Japanese Class. Everything I saw was new, big, different and surprising. Especially, it was very hard for me when my students asked me about Japanese culture and Japanese language because I could not speak English very well. However, my students kept trying to understand what I wanted to say. That always made me feel encouraged.

SFCC Japan Day 2018I feel the encouragement still. One of the best memories from last academic year that I spent with such nice students was the Japan Day. The Japanese Club members and some volunteers hosted it for the first time on the SFCC campus. I was so proud of the students and I appreciated their hard work very much.

The opportunity of being a J-1 professor makes me feel proud of being Japanese, and I realized how Japanese culture is wonderful through the great amount of time I spend with my students.

Yasuka Huff - SFCC Japanese InstructorNot only have I had the opportunity to teach Japanese, but I also learn so many valuable skills which I will need for my future through this teaching experience.

I look forward to the upcoming year, spending time with the students as well as the mentorship of Yasuka Sensei, well loved by so many.

The Japanese Club is designed to promote appreciation and understanding of the Japanese culture. In addition, the club provides an excellent environment, space, and time to practice with our Japanese students and tutors the Japanese language

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3/13/2019 3:57:25 PM

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