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Cyber Center

Cyber Center

Welcome to the Spokane Falls Community College Cyber Center!

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SFCC Cyber Center

Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense education (CAE-CD) by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

The Cyber Center at SFCC serves as a teaching and exploration facility where academia and the wider community intersect to foster innovation and collaboration. There are three main components to the Cyber Center: 1) Interactive Computer Classroom and Lab Space, 2) SOC Laboratory Space for Program Students, and 3) Distance Learning Interactive Space.


SFCC’s AAS Cybersecurity program is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence by the National Security Agency and Homeland Security.  

The program of study firmly believes that the focus on a distance learning interactive space will foster a strong online cohort with respect to faculty-student connections and student success as well as retention. The program will still utilize the original cyber center on the first floor of the same building, but the primary cyber center will now be this multi-room area.  

Learn More About Our Cybersecurity Program

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The Program Lead, Mark Neufville, serves as the primary faculty contact for the Cyber Center with support from the Dean of Computing, Math and Science, Dr. Sarah Martin. Other program faculty, including Rick Dubois, Dr. David Vosen, and Ed Hogan, assist in establishing and maintaining the operational needs of the Cyber Center. Courses in the program are taught by all faculty as well as adjuncts from regional industry connections.

Point of Contact is Mark Neufville, Alternative Point of Contact is Sarah Martin.



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Cybersecurity PoS

Spokane Falls Community College offers an Associates of Applied Science degree in Information Technology with focuses in four specialized areas. Our degree is designed for students interested in areas such as systems security analysis, countermeasures, cloud-based computing and systems, and platforms and network technologies.

Throughout your academic journey, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in local cyber competitions, engage in the Public Infrastructure security Cyber Education Systems (PISCES), and apply for internships with regional industry partners.

New students can begin this course of study in either the Fall or Winter quarter. Our winter quarter start is an online-only start. All classes a mixture of theoretical perspectives and hands-on experience with the latest technology. 

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Location and Mission

The program has had a productive center cyber in the Math and Business building (B18) on SFCC’s campus. The space has been leveraged to support student exploration for class activities, college and community based capture the flag competitions, hosting of K-12 instructors and student groups, advisory committee meetings, and meetings with industry and other higher education partners.

The Cybersecurity and Technology Center and Classroom serves as a teaching and exploration facility where academia and the needs of stakeholders intersect to foster innovation and collaboration. We envision the Cyber Center and Classroom as a hub for intellectual stimulation through both credit and non-credit options, implementation of pedagogical approaches aligned to best practices of the discipline(s), environment for fostering of professional relationships from K-12 through industry, and resource base for local and national cybersecurity communities. 

Advisory Board

SFCC’s Information Systems and Cybersecurity program is supported by an external advisory board compromised of community members, local industry, and higher education colleagues. Further, a Full-Time Faculty Member serves as the Program Lead for the program and coordinates monthly with the advisory board. At SFCC, any curriculum or other substantial change to the program requires advisory board approval.  

Advisory Board Member Association
Commercial Bank
City of Spokane
2nd Watch
Federal Defenders of Eastern Washington and Idaho
Enhanced Software Products, Inc. (ESP)
Horizon CU
Whitworth University

In addition to the members listed above, all full-time program faculty attend the meetings along with the Dean of Computing, Math and Science and the Program Coordinator. Part-time, adjunct faculty are encouraged to attend.

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Key Cybersecurity Resources for Students

Cyberwatch West
Cyberwatch West is a center for cybersecurity education based out of Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Wash. Spokane Falls Community College is a member school. They have a large resource pool for colleges and high schools.

National Cyberwatch
National Cyberwatch Center consists of a group of higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies focused on collaborative efforts to advance information security education and strengthen the national cybersecurity workforce.

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center
The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center’s mission is to reduce the risk of systemic cybersecurity and communications challenges in their role as the nation’s flagship cyber defense, incident response and operational integration center.

Spokane Stem
The Spokane STEM Network fills a niche in our community that no other organization fills by working to transform the way we think, learn, work, and live through STEM by enhancing STEM education opportunities for all youth in the region.

IT Career Finder
IT Career Finder helps individuals interested in information technology identify potential careers in the field.

Community Colleges of Spokane Corporate & Continuing Education
Community Colleges of Spokane Corporate & Continuing Education offers a large range of certification preparation and vocational training that is not-for-credit. Popular programs include the Cisco Academy and CompTIA certification preparation.

Additional Resource Links
INCH360 | Cybersecurity Community Group in Spokane
Infrastructure Survey Tool (IST) | CISA
CISA Gateway | CISA
SeaCiti (
Spokane Stem Network

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Institutional Security Awareness Resources


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