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What to Study

Ready to Learn?

Whether you're looking for a specific program or getting started with a guided pathway, you can find it here. Explore all the areas of study at Spokane Falls Community College, then visit Become a Student to get started today.

Not sure what to study? You're not alone. Try our Career Coach tool. It starts with some easy questions about your interests and goals. Then, it will show you the a list of careers that might be a good fit along with industry earning potential, available jobs and more. If you're looking for non-credit programs take a look at Corporate and Continuing Education.

Areas of Study

Explore over 70 areas of study at SFCC by navigating through our Guided Pathways. A pathway is helpful for students that don't know exactly what degree they want. By first picking a pathway, students can confidently register for classes in that area without the risk of taking classes they won't need. This helps those undecided students stay on track for an on-time graduation.

SFCC Annual Schedule

Every year, Spokane Falls Community College publishes a list of courses for academic year so you can plan better.