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Community Engagement

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Welcome to the Career and Community Engagement Center!

Use SFCC GetConnected to discover current service projects and service-learning opportunities! You can also record community service and service-learning hours on GetConnected.

Not all of the service learning/community engagement opportunities listed on the Get Connected site are sanctioned by SFCC. Please contact the Career & Community Engagement Center to verify an agency's status if you are volunteering on your own and not through a class or club.

Service-Learning: Study. Experience. Reflect.

Service-Learning is a method of teaching and learning that engages students in meaningful service to their community through careful integration of academic instruction. Service-Learning gives students an opportunity to use knowledge gained in the classroom to address needs in the neighborhood.

Courses which incorporate Service-Learning vary from quarter to quarter.

Healthy community-based food supply Education support Affordable housing choices
Healthy community-based food supply Education Support Affordable housing choices

Practicums and Clinicals

Service-learning, practicums and clinicals provide high-quality learning opportunities by optimizing teaching and learning through coordination between classroom faculty, individual students, and our community partners.

Civic Engagement and Volunteering

While at SFCC, students are encouraged to become involved with the greater Spokane community through civic engagement and volunteering activities. Campus clubs also include volunteering as one of their core values.

SFCC Career & Community Engagement Center
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Gabby Ryan, Program Coordinator, Career & Community Engagement
(509) 533-3545
Bldg 17, Room 105

Krystiana Morales, Americorps VISTA Member
(509) 533-3594
Bldg 17, Room 105

Emani Donaldson, College Access Corps Member
(509) 533-4107
Bldg 17, Room 226

Jennifer Lopez, College Access Corps Member
(509) 533-4107
Bldg 17, Room 226

Riley Sorensen, AmeriCorps VISTA Member
(509) 279-6463
SFCC Pullman Campus

Service-Learning Agreement and Educational Plan Form

  1. Agreement Plan Section (top portion):
    Fill out the top portion of the Agreement Plan
  2. Education Plan Agreement Section (middle portion):
    Fill out the Education Plan Section (middle portion) with your Community Partner Agency Supervisor
  3. Time Sheet Section (bottom portion):
    Track your hours and submit this completed form to your Instructor before the end of the Quarter

The Community Partner Agency may also ask you to fill out their volunteer application as well as a background check form.

After submitting the agreement form, make sure you also submit the Community Engagement Volunteer Form. This form should be filled out for all volunteer activities you have participated in, including service-learning activities and individual volunteer commitments.

Volunteer Resources

Looking for community service or service-learning opportunities? SFCC GetConnected is your go-to resource! On GetConnected you can view:

  • Current volunteer opportunities
  • Service-learning opportunities
  • Over 150 local nonprofit agency portals
  • Current community needs
  • Upcoming community-service related events

Getting Started with Service-Learning:

  1. Once you know you have a Service-Learning assignment, register on SFCC GetConnected and research local agencies that meet your instructor's class goals.
  2. Using the information provided by the agency, contact them, inquire about their intake process for volunteers/service-learning students, and set up a time to meet with them in-person for a pre-service interview (make sure to tell them what your professor expects of your participation in the service).
  3. Keep track of your hours in GetConnected! Even if your professor requires a paper time log, GetConnected allows us to seek agency verification of your hours.
  4. If you have difficulty getting a call or email back from your chosen Community Partner, or if you want to choose a local non-profit organization that is not listed here, let your instructor know and contact the Career and Community Engagement Center immediately.
  5. Not all of the service learning/community engagement opportunities listed on the Get Connected site are sanctioned by SFCC. Please contact the Career & Community Engagement Center to verify an agency's status if you are volunteering on your own and not through a class or club.


Browse our newsletters archive for Service-Learning activities and photos.

Service-Learning Club

Mission Statement

Advisor Contact Info
Darlene Rickett
(509) 533-3308

The Service-Learning Club provides students with opportunities to become civically engaged community members. A civically engaged student will find increased opportunities in employment, scholarship, and higher education goals. The Service-Learning Club provides fun service activities for personal and professional growth.

Meeting Time and Place

Contact Club Advisor, Darlene Rickett


From blood drives, to city cleanup, to disaster response, the Service-Learning club is dedicated to building a better community. Among our annual and recent activities include:

INBC Blood Drive

The INBC Blood Drive is a club project that occurs Quarterly throughout the year to benefit recipients of blood through the Inland Northwest Blood Center in Spokane (INBC). The INBC is a non-profit organization and SFCC community partner that focuses on the blood needs of the Inland Northwest.

Alternate Spring Break 2012

For our annual Alternate Spring Break, students traveled to the Mississippi Delta of southern Louisiana to tutor students in 3rd and 4th grades at Pointe Aux Chenes Elementary school getting ready for their iLEAP state exams (similar to the Washington WASL exams). This community was hit by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike and Andrew as well as being directly hit by the BP Gulf oil spill. The students also visited New Orleans in a one-day whirl-wind tour, swam in the gulf, and canoed into the marsh with a marine biologist from LUMCON. They toured Native lands in the bayous with a local Native American who is also a fisherman of the Cajun culture, and learned firsthand about the issues affecting the Delta, its people and its culture. Finally, they visited Grand Isle with a descendent of a pirate who settled there, went Cajun dancing and took private Cajun dance lessons.

Alternative Spring Break 2013

In 2013, the Service-Learning Club's Alternative Spring Break adventure led students back to post-hurricane southern Louisiana to help with clean-up activities, and students were immersed in the local culture.

Alternative Spring Break 2014

The Club adventured to Hawaii in a cultural immersion service trip, combined with a Continuums of Service Conference.

Alternative Spring Break 2015

In 2015, another - yet to be announced - adventure is being thought through.

This only scratches the surface. Please see our newsletters for more of our activities!


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