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Veteran Work Study Facts

Veterans also may qualify for woVrk study employment while in school. To be eligible, you must be enrolled at least 3/4 time (9 to 11 credits) or more, and receiving veterans benefits.

Work Study Salary: Current minimum hourly wage.
Work Study Pay: For every 50 hours worked. Work study employment allows up to 25 hours of work per week each quarter. Advance pay of 50 hours or 40 percent of requested hours – whichever is less.

Approved Work Study Sites

Spokane Community College Veterans Office: 509-533-7027, 810 N Greene St.

Spokane Falls Community College Veterans Office: 509-533-3504, 3410 W. Fort George Wright Dr. Spokane

Veterans Center: 509-444-8387, 13109 Mirabeau Pkwy, Spokane Valley, WA 99216

WorkSource Colville (Veterans Department): 509-685-2119, Colville, WA

WorkSource Spokane (Veterans Department): 509-532-3102, 130 S. Arthur

VA Medical Center: 509-434-7380, Personnel Department, 4815 N. Assembly

Veterans' Homeless Program: 509-462-2500, 705 W. Second

WDVA - American Legion: 509-434-7750, 4815 N. Assembly, Building 6A