Campus Security at SFCC

For Campus Safety/Security assistance,
call our office at (509) 533-3555.
For 24-hour or emergency assistance,
call (509) 475-7040.

Building and campus security

  • Constant campus vehicle/foot/bike patrol
  • Acting as a visible deterrent
  • Safety escort services by request
  • Campus lost and found


  • Do not leave your keys inside an unattended vehicle.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unlocked/unsecured. Make sure windows are closed.
  • Do not leave valuables visible in your car. Instead, lock any valuables in your trunk or, better yet, take them with you. Here are some examples of valuables:
    1. purses, wallets, or checkbooks
    2. backpacks or other luggage
    3. MP3 players
    4. compact discs
    5. notebook computers
  • Do not provide copies of keys or let others know where you keep your keys.

Four Steps to take IF your car is broken into on campus:

  1. Always file a report with police and security.
  2. Call your insurance company.
  3. Secure your personal information by contacting any establishment connected to your name that the thief may try to scam.
  4. Repair any damages done to prevent/deter future theft.

Personal Property (backpacks, purses, etc.)

  • Do not leave any personal items unattended.
  • Always secure your valuables.

SFCC Smoking Policy

Smoking on SFCC Campus Permitted in Designated Areas Only

SFCC is embracing a student initiative to remove the use of tobacco from the heart of the campus. Smoking shelters and other designated smoking areas have been relocated to the perimeter of the campus. Please join in supporting this campus initiative by utilizing the designated areas.

Beginning January 2, 2013:

  • Individuals observed smoking outside of the designated smoking areas (see map below) are subject to a smoking citation.
  • Tobacco in its non-smoking form, i.e. "chew", is also restricted on campus. (WAC 132Q-10-231)
  • Vapor smoking devices, i.e. "E-Cigarettes" are also included in the initiative. (WAC 132Q-10-231))
  • Marijuana, although now deemed "legal" (I-502) in Washington State, is still prohibited on the SFCC campus. The restrictions on marijuana use, in any form, is similar to the restrictions regarding the use of alcohol. Alcohol consumption and use is legal in the state of Washington, but CCS restricts its use and possession on campus facilities. In addition, the new marijuana law is not consistent with Federal law; therefore SFCC must conform to Federal rules or risk losing Federal financial aid funding. WAC 132Q-10-228 and 230)

A support program is available for students who would like assistance with quitting smoking. Details can be obtained from the Vice President of Student Services office, Building 30, Room 223.

Thanks for your patience as SFCC makes this transition.

Smoking Shelter Map

Smoking areas without shelters:

  • Northeast of Building 24 in P7
  • West corner of P14 (east side of campus)
  • West of Building 18

Smoking shelters:

  • East of Building 11
  • Southeast of Building 5
  • Southwest of Building 7


Building Maps

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Click on a building to find room numbers.

SFCC Campus Map

Student Services - Building 17
Admissions/Registration/Cashiers - Financial Aid/Employment - College Store/Cafeteria

Building Legend

  • 2 Library
  • 5 Humanities (Spartan Playhouse)
  • 6 Fine Arts
  • 7 Gymnasium and Fitness Center
  • 9 Lodge
  • 10 Maintenance
  • 11 Photography
  • 13 Physical Education Annex/Stadium
  • 15 Music/Performing Arts
  • 16 Human Services/Early Learning Center
  • 17 Student Union Building (Student Services)
  • 18 Computing, Mathematics, Business Technology
  • 19 Technical Arts
  • 23 Storage
  • 24 sn-w'ey'-mn (Business, Social Science)
  • 25 Baseball
  • 26 Drama Storage
  • 27 MagnusonC
  • 28 Science
  • 29 Early Learning Center
  • 30 Falls Gateway
  • 31 Future Softball

Campus Parking

  • Student - Available in most lots
  • V - Visitor
  • F Faculty
  • M Motorcycle
  • D Disability
  • PM Parking Meter
  • PK Parking Kiosk (cash day permit)
  • Emergency Phone
  • Crisis Response Box
  • Smoking Area

Campus Safety: (509) 533-3333