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Reservation Guidelines

Outreach and Scheduling Office

Students get first priority. CCS is a place of education, growth, and development and in every interaction; students have to come first.

Due to the high volume of requests and limited amount of conference space, the room you want may not always be available. It is a first come, first serve basis. We will work with you as best as we can in helping your event succeed, but please remain reflexible as we look for the best interest for everyone and for the college.

Be specific in your requests in describing how you would like the room setup. If you will need equipment such as a microphone, podium, projector, or laptop please specify. Additionally, please describe the kind of room arrangement you would prefer. (i.e. classroom style for 50, theater style for 75, round tables for 200, etc.)

Rental Rates and Pricing

Please call (509) 533-4195 for rental rates, as there are many variables that can influence the charges.

CCS Event Schedulers Contact Information

SFCC - Building 17 (SUB) Jessica Borgan: Jessica.Borgan@sfcc.spokane.edu
SFCC - Building 17 (Rec Room) Kim Jones: Kim.Jones@sfcc.spokane.edu
SFCC Computer Labs Coulette Kuespert: Coulette.Kuespert@sfcc.spokane.edu
SFCC - Building 7 (Gym)
SCC - Building 5 (Sports Complex)
Ginny Knox: Ginny.Knox@scc.spokane.edu
SCC - Building 6 (Lair) Alicia Staton: Alicia.Staton@scc.spokane.edu