SFCC LGBTQIA Virtual Resource Center

What is a Safe Zone?

The Safe Zone Project is a way for students and staff to identify allies to LGBTQI people and to provide support and information. Safe Zone is also a way for SFCC to broadcast its value of LGBTQI people and intolerance of any form of discrimination.

How can I tell who is Safe Zone certified?

Check out our Safe Zone Map to find an advocate.

When you see the Safe Zone sticker by someone's workspace, it means that person has been trained and has signed the following pledge:
I will

  • be an advocate, advisor, and mentor.
  • educate myself and others on the issues facing LGBTQI individuals.
  • respect the privacy/confidentiality of those who come to me, except in cases of physical assault or hate crimes.
  • refer individuals who come to me to counseling, if necessary.
  • be ready to stand up and help when needed.
  • display the Safe Zone Sticker prominently in my work area.
You can count on them to have a strong, personal, conscious commitment to the safety and support of LGBTQI people and to be willing to provide help, advice, support, understanding, and trust in a nonjudgmental environment.

If someone doesn't have a sticker, are they unsafe?

No! That person may not have heard about the program or may not have had time to attend the training. It takes time and effort to become a Safe Zone member and bears a lot of responsibility, and some people aren't ready for that yet.

Why does SFCC have a Safe Zone?

One of SFCC's core values is Diversity. Although personal, religious, and cultural beliefs vary, we believe all people should be valued. Your beliefs are your own; however, we hope that by educating the campus about gender identity/expression and sexuality, we can learn to treat each person with respect.

How can I get involved?

Check What's happening in Diversity for our next Safe Zone 101 training to become certified. Already certified? Watch for our new addition, Safe Zone 201: a more advanced discussion for already-certified Safe Zone members.