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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do students or staff have the first two weeks of the quarter or is there any grace period to buy their parking permits?

A. A valid CCS permit is required for all vehicles parked on campus, that are not parked at a paid meter. (WAC 132Q-20-240). Just a reminder, quarterly parking permits are available for sale up to six weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter.

Q. Can I park my vehicle at the meters?

A. Yes, metered parking is available to anyone who wishes to park there, as long as the meter is paid.

Q. What should I do if my permit is not in the vehicle I parked on campus?

A. If you have a permit, but do not have it with you, the Office of Campus Safety may issue a temporary pass, or you can park at a paid meter for up to two hours, or purchase a day pass in the cashier's office, bookstore, or kiosk in P-9.

Q. Can I back into a parking space or park against the flow of traffic?

A. No, all vehicles must follow all traffic markings. In spaces that are marked for diagonal parking, vehicles are to be parked at a 45-degree angle, facing inward. (WAC 132Q-20-140)

Q. Can students ever park in faculty parking?

A. Yes, students may use faculty parking on a first-come basis after 5:00 PM (WAC 132Q-20-150) or during any time with a current disability placard or "D" sticker and a CCS student permit.

Q. If I receive a parking citation and want to dispute the citation, what can I do?

A. Students, employees and guests can appeal a citation by going to the Parking Appeals website listed on the back of the citation.

Q. If I have a group of people I am inviting onto campus for an event, how do they get a parking pass?

  1. The inviting entity can buy day passes in bulk for distribution.
  2. The CCS employee coordinating the event may contact their department's Administrative Assistant to request an electronic parking pass.
  3. They may park at a paid meter.
  4. The individual guests or vendors may purchase day passes, available in the SFCC bookstore, cashier's office or in the kiosk located in P-9.