Tuition and Fees

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for full tuition and fee payments on their payment due date. Due dates and deadlines are shown on the Important Dates page.

Tuition Installment Payment Plan

You may qualify to participate in our Tuition Installment Payment Plan. TIPP allows students to pay for their college education in three installments, interest free. The plan covers tuition and class fees.


Students are responsible to officially withdraw from classes they are not attending by completing the necessary paperwork required by the Admissions/Registration office.

The college has the authority to withdraw students from classes for non-payment.

Financial Aid

Application for financial aid does not constitute payment. If a financial aid or agency funding has been granted AND has been generated into the cashiering system, it will be automatically applied approximately two weeks prior to the tuition due date. However, if the entire amount is not paid, the student is responsible for knowing the remaining amount due and making payment by the published due date.

How Charges Are Assessed

  • Tuition and fees are charged per quarter at Community Colleges of Spokane.
  • Textbooks and supplies are in addition to fees.
  • The fee to audit a class is the same as registering for credit.
  • Tuition and fees may be paid by cash, personal check, cashier's check, money order, 
    MasterCard or VISA. Bank cards are also accepted for bookstore purchases.
  • For the most up-to-date tuition information, refer to the Community Colleges of Spokane Quarterly Combined Class Schedule.
  • Complete financial aid information is available at the Spokane Falls Community College Financial Aid office.