Transfering Credits to SFCC

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is a legal document which contains the signature of the certifying official (registrar), institutional seal, and date of use. It must be delivered to the SFCC Admissions Office in its original sealed envelope.

Does SFCC require official transcripts from other colleges I have attended?

Students must provide official transcripts if:

  • The student intends to earn a degree at SFCC
  • The student plans to enroll in a course that has a prerequisite requirement

If you are still unsure whether to have transcripts sent, contact the Admissions Office at (509) 533-3500.

When should I have an official copy of my transfer transcript sent to SFCC?

To ensure a smooth registration process an official transcript should arrive at SFCC at least two weeks prior to your registration appointment. Hand delivered transcripts must be in an envelope sealed by the transfer institution.

Once my transfer transcript is on file at SFCC what happens?

What happens to your transcript depends on where you are in the process. If you have not enrolled in courses, your transcript will be evaluated for prerequisites (Biology, Math, English and Psychology) and placed in a holding file. After the second week of the quarter, if you have registered in classes, the credit value of the accepted coursework will be entered into our system. If you are a current or returning student, your transcript will be evaluated for prerequisites and the credit value of the accepted course work will be entered into our system within two weeks of receiving the transcript.

Please note: your official transcript becomes part of your permanent record at SFCC and will not be returned to you.

Who decides what coursework will be accepted by SFCC?

A credential evaluator will use a variety of criteria to determine course transferability. College accreditation, course content, grade and credit value will all be evaluated when determining whether to accept a course. If more information is needed to make a determination, a course syllabus will be requested. It is the student’s responsibility to provide a copy of that syllabus.

Should I request a full transcript evaluation?

You must be currently enrolled and planning to earn a degree at SFCC to request a Transfer Credit Evaluation.

A full evaluation will assist you and an advisor in choosing the appropriate courses to complete a degree at SFCC. It is important to remember that a transfer credit evaluation is not an official degree evaluation. To receive an official degree evaluation, you must submit a graduation/degree application.

Students enrolled in professional/technical programs should contact their program advisor before requesting a full transcript evaluation. Why? The program advisor will most often decide the equivalency of professional/technical courses. They may make some course substitutions.

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for a response.

What if my transfer courses are semester credits?

Semester credit will be converted to quarter credit, e.g. 2 semester credits = 3 quarter credits, 3 semester credits = 4.5 quarter credits.