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Art student drawing. Art student drawing.

Humanities, Arts & Design

What is Humanities, Arts & Design?

Do you like to create through words, images, technology, or performance? Whether your medium is music or digital media, fine arts or acting, speaking or writing, photography or design, we have a program that will help you meet your goals.

Careers Humanities, Arts & Design

Art Director
Audio Technician
Communication Director
Graphic Designer
Interior Designer
Live Sound Engineer
Recording Engineer
Web Designer

Choosing the Right Map for You

Some of our programs are aimed at getting you ready to go straight into the workforce, while others prepare you for transfer to a four-year university where you can complete a Bachelor’s degree. Be sure to talk to your advisor to make sure the program you choose matches your goals!

Available Programs and Courses

Audio Engineering Area of Study

  • Audio Engineering - AAS

  • Audio Engineering - Certificate

Communication Studies Area of Study

  • Communication Studies - AA

Digital Media Production Area of Study

  • Digital Media Production - AAS-T

Theatre Area of Study

  • Theatre - AFA

English Area of Study

  • English - AA

Film Area of Study

  • Film - AA

Fine Arts Area of Study

  • Fine Arts - AFA

  • Fine Arts - Certificate Fine Arts 2D Track

  • ​Fine Arts - Certificate Fine Arts 3D Track

Graphic Design Area of Study

  • Graphic Design - AAS

  • Graphic Design - AAS-T

Interior Design Area of Study

  • Interior Design - AAS

  • ​Interior Design - AAS-T

Interpreter Training Area of Study

  • Interpreter Training Program - AAS-T

  • Interpreter Training Program - Certificate

Journalism Area of Study

  • Journalism - AA with Emphasis

Modern Languages Area of Study

  • Modern Languages - AA

Music Area of Study

  • Music - AFA

  • Music - DTA/MRP

Philosophy Area of Study

  • Philosophy - AA

Photography Area of Study

  • Photography - AAS