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Photo of SFCC Science Building Photo of SFCC Science Building


Are you a problem solver with a strong curiosity about math and science? Do you often wonder how things work? If so, engineering may be the career path for you.

In this program, you’ll complete the requirements of the freshman and sophomore years of most engineering programs at a university. You’ll study areas such as calculus, physics and chemistry, but you’ll also take courses in English, social sciences and humanities. This pre-major program is designed to prepare you to transfer at the junior level into an engineering program at a four-year college or university.

From the ocean floors to outer space, from as small as the atomic level to as large as the tallest skyscrapers, engineers work on in a variety of settings on a range of challenging projects. Whether you want to be a civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or any other type of engineer, this program will help prepare you to design and develop solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

Two students work in a science lab

Biological/Chemical Engineering

Build a foundation for a career designing technologies, systems or processes that solve problems related to living things, chemicals, materials or energy. 

A student solders wires to a circuit board

Computer/Electrical Engineering

Prepare for a future in software or hardware design, aerospace, robotics and other industries that rely on advanced computers and electronic systems.