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The Spokane Cyber Intern Program (SCIP) is a partnership between regional employers and students in the Computer Science, Information Systems and Cybersecurity programs at Spokane Falls Community College. The program integrates students with basic skills in technology into industries with entry-level technical positions for up to a year while they complete their degrees – and earn while they learn.

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Employers gain new entry level technical professionals with the opportunity to retain them as part-time or full-time employees for one academic quarter up-to a entire calendar year. Second year students have optimized class schedules that afford them an average of 25 hours during traditional work hours to work as interns the entirety of their second school year.

School work during their second year expands the student’s hand-on exposure in classes to commonly needed information technology skills such as databases, server administration, Linux, cybersecurity, scripting, programming and technical writing.

Employers that participate in SCIP have access to student hiring events and campus locations to interview potential interns.  Faculty members can also assist potential employers in identifying best suited tasks and assist in recruiting best suited candidates.