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Meet your Student Success Coach

Online students have their own student success coach who is dedicated to supporting online learners:

  • Define academic goals and plan ahead.
  • To communicate and engage with online faculty.
  • Explore and discover resources to assist in organization, time-management and motivation.
  • Connect with academic support, including tutoring, study strategies and resources and college prep.
  • Celebrate successes and navigate obstacles.
  • Conduct business with the college (Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid and other student services).

Contact Karen Sandall at 509-533-7070 or

Online students have their own student community and can take advantage of group benefits. As a member:

  • You are able to register for classes early. 
  • You are added to the online community in Canvas where you have access to peer support with other online learners, information and resources pertinent to online learning, and assistance with meeting deadlines and important dates like financial aid and registration.
  • You also have access to Student Success Coaching for support as you pursue your goals.
  • You do not have to actively participate in the online community program.  It is student-driven and you decide how much to engage with the online student community.

Contact the student Success Coach if you are or will be an online student:

If you are only taking one or two courses, there are resources for you, too.

Taking an online class is just like taking one on campus—cost, time frame, credits and grades. The only real difference is that an online class lets you learn anywhere, most anytime.   

For assistance and questions about getting into an online class, you need to contact the student services and academic department offices for help during business hours or simply apply for admission

  • If you are out of the country or need additional assistance please contact the Student Success Coach:

  • If you currently attend another college or university and want to take an online class to transfer back to your main school, you can simply send this Quick Admit application to the Admissions department in lieu of the Admissions Application.