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Online Begins: September 25, 2019
Online Ends: October 23, 2019
Lab at SFCC: October 25-26, 2019

Registration Fee

  • $525.00 (Community Members)

Registration fees include Online Learning beginning on September 25, 2019 and concluding on October 23, 2019. The Lab portion of the course will be conducted on October 25 and 26, 2019 in the O&P Lab on the SFCC campus. Morning refreshments, lunch, and a parking pass will be provided.


The Orthotic Fitter Pre-Cert/CE Course will prepare students to provide a range of non-custom orthotic devices identified in the ABC Educational Standards supporting the ability to deliver excellent patient care within the ABC Scope of Practice for Orthotic Fitters. Successful students will become eligible to participate in the ABC Orthotic Fitter Certification exam following the supervised experiential requirement. This course has been approved for 32 Category II credits by the ABC; 40.25 CEUs (37.25 Scientific and 2 Business) by the BOC.

Course Outcomes

At the successful conclusion of this module, each attendee will be able to

  • Define the anatomical position
  • Describe the major planes of motion
  • Explain the positions, directions, and movements associated with the
  • anatomical position and planes of motion
  • Define terminology used when discussing the skeletal system
  • Describe various levels of orthotic suppor
  • Explain lever arm principles relating to motion control in orthotic intervention
  • Describe pressure distribution concepts regarding support versus patient tolerance

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Exam Overview
Module 3 Terminology and Techniques
Module 4 Orthopedic Structures
Module 5 Facilities Management
Module 6 Lower Extremity Supports
Module 7 Lower Extremity Orthotics
Module 8 Gait Overview
Module 9 Upper Extremity
Module 10 Pediatric Orthotics
Module 11 Spinal Supports
Module 12 Spinal Orthotics
Module 13 Cervical
Module 14 Venous Insufficiency
Module 15 Lymphedema
Module 16 Therapeutic Shoes


Ruthie H. Dearing, MHSA, JD
Program Coordinator
O & P Technology Program
Spokane Falls Community College
3410 W. Fort George Wright Drive
Spokane, Washington 99224
509-533-3231 FAX 509-533-4143