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August 25‐29, 2016


This course is designed as a "Ground Zero" pedorthics continuing education opportunity with objectives being to elevate the skill‐ enhancing abilities to problem solve, use deductive reasoning, and apply advanced biomechanical theory. Pam Haig, C.Ped, who has served the industry with nearly four decades of clinical experiences specializing in advanced posting for chronic and unresolved pathologies will teach the Ground Zero course.  Ms. Haig is past co‐owner of OSI Labs and the visionary founder of The Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute of Biomechanics, Inc. This Ground Zero course is designed to systematically improve the understanding of / or achieve a higher level of mastery of biomechanical theory to an advanced level.  An applied range of motion assessment is incorporated within the course to aid in accurately formulating a biomechanically engineered foot orthosis or ankle foot orthosis. The course is highly recommended for athletic trainers, sports medicine specialists, podiatrists, and practitioners treating chronic or unresolved foot pathologies.    

Approved Hours 

Category I CEU hours: ABC 52.50;
BOC: 52.75 hours;
OPC: 24   

For Information

Please contact:

Ruthie H. Dearing, MHSA, JD
Program Manager
HOPE Careers Consortium Grant
Spokane Falls Community College
3410 W. Fort George Wright Drive
Spokane, Washington 99224
FAX: 509-533‐4143