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    Additional Application Requirements

    Program start: Fall
    Pre-requisites: No
    Program length: 4-8 quarters
    Number of students each start: Varies
    Applications deadline: Continuous
    Notes: Personal interview required for admittance. Orthotic/Prosthetic AAS degree = 2 years. Orthotic Certificate = 1 year. Prosthetic Certificate = 1 year.


    If you want to use power tools to improve the quality of life for people who have lost limbs or have a physical disability, consider a career in the growing and rewarding field of orthotics and prosthetics fabrication. 

    In this program—the only orthotic and prosthetic technician training program in the western U.S.—you’ll learn how to make orthopedic braces and artificial limbs. You’ll study human anatomy, fabrication techniques, and the proper use of the specialized tools, equipment and materials used in the field. The program includes classroom study, lab work and an off-site, five-week clinical experience in which you will practice your skills in a work environment.

    With this degree, you can make a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities, including veterans, people with vascular diseases, and diabetics. Your training will prepare you for job opportunities in orthotic and prosthetic clinics, central fabrication facilities, hospitals and government agencies.

    A faculty member demonstrates how to fit two pieces together for a student

    A student works on a brace, fitting metal side pieces into strips of leather.

    A teacher and three students mold plastic around a plaster cast

    Two students remove unnecessary pieces from their molded plaster

    A student applies fresh plaster to a molded piece

    Students use butcher paper to measure out plans

    Students work on individual harnesses for various pieces of equipment