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Whether you plan to go on to earn a bachelor's degree in business, want to update your resume with new business skills, are looking for a career in business management, or seek to gain the technical skills modern businesses value, an education in business at SFCC could help you get there.

Our programs in this area prepare you with a general understanding of the broad field of business, hands-on experience with the tools most businesses use to provide their services and the practical training needed to help meet your career goals.

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Business Administration

Learn how you can complete the first two years of classes required to transfer into a business program at a four-year college or university. Courses include both general education requirements and business courses such as economics, accounting and business law.

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Business & Software Applications

Explore topics relevant to today's business world like social media and customer service while learning to use common software applications needed for a career in business.

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Business Management

Study the basic principles of business management and learn about sales, marketing, leadership, human resources and social media while focusing on your area of emphasis.

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Business Technology
& Software Specialist

Businesses rely increasingly on professionals with a strong understanding of technology. Acquire the skills you need to pursue a professional career in technology sales or support.