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CCS will coordinate with the Spokane Regional Health District and other state health departments as needed when a student or employee tests positive for, or is exposed to, COVID-19.  In certain cases, a health department may require us to share names and other identifying information for contact tracing purposes.  State health departments have access to the names and contact information of every person who tests positive for COVID-19 (excluding self-administered tests). We are required to share names and other identifying information when requested by a state health department.

  • Please use and reference the Spokane Regional Health District's Test, Quarantine and Isolate guidelines to help decide when someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed or potentially exposed to COVID-19 can return to on site school or work.
  • Please review all five scenarios to determine which one applies in each case. The student or employee may return on site only if they meet the return criteria for their scenario.

The Spokane Regional Health District has created this list of low and no cost COVID-19 testing resources in Spokane. For CCS sites located outside of Spokane County, please click here for testing resources. Employees and students can call the Spokane Regional Health District at (509) 324-1409 to request a medical clearance letter.

Important note: A negative test result is not by itself enough to authorize return to onsite school or work since the Spokane Regional Health District recommends a time-based return strategy. A time-based return strategy means the science supports that a person is no longer able to spread illness to others after certain time intervals have passed.