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International film festival logo with film reel and flags from many countries International film festival logo with film reel and flags from many countries

Thirteenth Annual Spokane Falls Community College International Film Festival

Every Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. from April 17 to May 15, 2018 at the Garland Theater.

Admission for CCS/SFCC/SCC students and employees is FREE with college ID.

For more information, contact SFCC Spanish instructor Gabriel Valenzuela at 509-533-3472 or


April 17, 2018

Film poster for The Women on the 6th FloorThe Women on the 6th Floor  |  France  |  2010

Set in Paris in the 1960s, this story alternates between two different worlds. One is a wealthy bourgeois family in a comfortable apartment; the other is the underpaid and overworked domestic servants living in cramped conditions above them. As few French people want to take on such work, the jobs are taken by Spanish women, eager to escape the poverty and oppression of the Franco dictatorship, who bring with them their native solidarity and human warmth.

Not Rated
Runtime: 102 min
Language(s): French, Spanish
Genre(s): Comedy
Sponsor: French Club

April 24, 2018

Sweet Bean  |  Japan  |  2015

Film poster for Sweet BeanA film by Cannes Film Festival favorite, Naomi Kawase, Sweet Bean tells an intergenerational tale about the manager of a struggling pancake stall who hires an odd, elderly woman whose bean jelly transforms lives and creates community. This sweet, beautiful film slowly unfolds to reveal the promise of food, the joy of a good day's work, and the transformative power of unexpected friendship.

Not Rated
Runtime: 113 min
Language(s): Japanese
Genre(s): Drama
Sponsor: Japanese Club

May 1, 2018

The Danish Girl  |  UK/USA/Germany/Denmark/Belgium  |  2015

The film poster for The Danish GirlBased on a true story, The Danish Girl is a biographical film about the first sexual reassignment surgery that was attempted in the 1920s. Although Einar and his wife Gerda are a happily married couple, they recognize that on the inside, Einar is female. After attempting cures, the voyage of self-discovery leads to Einar undergoing the first ever sex-change operation.

Rated R for some sexuality and full nudity
Runtime: 119 min
Language(s): English, French, German
Genre(s): Biography, Drama, Romance
Sponsor: The Alliance Club

May 8, 2018

Youth  |  China  |  2017

Film poster for YouthYouth is a period drama that spans the turbulent time of the Cultural Revolution through China's involvement in the Vietnam War. The film focuses on doomed lovers, a hard-luck dancer, and a square-jawed soldier, who live through these extraordinary times.

Because of the film's pessimistic portrayal of Chinese society, the Chinese Government Film Bureau blocked its release for a period of time. As a sign of changing times in Chinese cinema, banned songs of Taiwanese pop star Teresa Teng flare up in the film.

Runtime: 135 min
Language(s): Mandarian
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Sponsor: International Club

May 15, 2018

Esteban  |  Cuba  |  2016

Film poster for EstebanEsteban unfolds in Havana, Cuba as an eight-year-old boy pursues his dream of playing the piano. With a strong sense of realism and emotion, the harsh side of the current situation in Cuba is revealed. The music in the film pays tribute to the great Cuban piano godfather, Chucho Valdes.

Rated PG
Runtime: 90 min
Language(s): Spanish
Genre(s): Drama, Musical
Sponsor: Spanish Club