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Welcome to the MOSAIC/LGBT+ Student Lounge. This is an inclusive space that welcomes ALL students wanting to support each other in an inclusive and welcoming manner that is positive and productive. Through this virtual space, we will learn from each other, answer questions, and when possible share information on resources need for your success. Join us and learn about different cultures, find classmates with similar experiences, and/or become an ally for new friends. Please join us.*

*Please note, these spaces aim to be positive and productive. If there are problems/concerns that arise, we will address them with humility, grace, and EDI as guiding principles. May we be kind to each other. All District Policies and Procedures apply in Lounge Spaces. This is a brave, kind and safe space; harassment, discrimination, hate speech, and sexual behaviors will not be tolerated. 

Guidelines for MOSAIC/LGBT+ Student Lounge Spaces

Each participant is essential and important and will be treated as such.

  • There is no pressure to be a certain way in this space. As folks sign in and out, say hello/greet them. Name what is happening in the space, and be flexible. For example, “Hey, welcome. We’re working quietly. Please join us.” or “Hello, my name is so-and-so, my pronouns are he/she/they/them, we’re having a conversation about how to create welcoming spaces and increase belonging during this time. Please join us.”

  • People of all ages are welcome in their fullness; kids are out of school right now and are welcome to join or be in the background.

  • If there are two folks in the Lounge, everyone may have their sound on. If there are more than two folks, please mute yourself.

  • This is an experiment that is unfolding on a rapid timeline. We are striving to joyously embrace the learning we are doing as we build on shifting ground. It’s okay to feel frustrated or scared as we grow, learn, adjust, and let go of our expectations. If all we do in the Lounge is works alongside another person, we have done all that is needed for the given moment.

  • No matter the internet connection -- which may falter and frustrate us -- remember that we are humans connecting!