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Check Your Student Center

The Student Center is where all your classes are listed and messages are posted from your advisor, financial aid, registration and other information connected to your enrollment.

“Checking my Student Center [in CTCLink] is important because I would have ended up being dropped from my courses if I did not answer the messages [the] Registration [office] and Financial Aid [office] posted.”
- SCC student

Learn Canvas

Canvas is where professors post 98 percent of your assignments.

“Yeah, if you don’t learn to use Canvas, you are going to have a problem. Instructors can see when you opened an assignment, looked at the material, submitted an assignment, and  see if the assignment was submitted late. Some [instructors] even have pop-up quizzes on Canvas.”
- SCC student

Go to Class

Attendance is important and is factored into your grades.

“I thought if I missed a couple of classes she would not notice. Then I was told that I was not passing the class. I said that I had passed all exams. She said it was because I had poor class attendance. Please. I had to repeat the class.”
- SCC student

Submit Assignments Ahead of Schedule

Being proactive shows initiative and allows you time to review your work.

"They [instructors] are a stickler about late assignment. I had an assignment late by a day and another assignment late by five-minutes - because it was not stapled correctly. They would not accept my work and I got zero credit.”
- SCC student

Put Away Your Cell Phone Before Entering Class

Some instructors can be very strict about cell phone use. Please read the syllabus and/or ask about the cell phone follow the instructor's policy on the first day of class.

“I knew she had a no cell phone in class rule. So, I entered class and was taking the earbuds out of my ear to fold around my cell phone and store my phone in my bag. The instructor saw me with my cell phone in my hand and kicked me out of class. I tried to explain that I was trying to put my cell phone away. She did not care. I could not participate in my group project planning and almost failed the class because of her crazy rule.”
- SCC student

Get Help Early

Start asking for help and tutors early. Don’t wait a week before your first test or after your first test to ask for help.

“I thought I wrote a great paper. My friend read it and saw things that I needed to fix. They told me to visit Peer Tutoring Services for free help. My paper was due in 1-hr. If I had made time to visit early [at least 2 days], I would not have failed my assignment.”
- SCC student