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Ask-a-Student gives you access to other students who can answer your questions.

We can connect you with other students who are experienced, successful peer mentors. They know how to assist you in overcoming challenges you may face in college.

How can Ask-a-Student help? If you are a CURRENT student, Ask-a-Student mentors can:

  • Connect you to campus resources.

  • Provide you with contact names and numbers of real people with real answers.

  • Direct you to free academic coaching in over 20 subjects.

  • Answer or research answers to your questions.

If you are a FUTURE student, Ask-a-Student shows you how to:

  • Schedule online appointments to take placement tests.

  • Login to the financial aid portal.

  • Purchase books and/or supplies for your classes.

  • Connect with an academic adviser to help you schedule your classes.

To access Ask-a-Student:

  • Submit your question below or send an email to, and please include your phone number