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Getting Started

All you need to know to begin Running Start.


Step 1

Let your public high school counselor know that you are interested in the Running Start program.

Application Dates

Admission applications need to be received by the dates listed below. For any student applying after the final application date, please contact the Office of Concurrent Enrollment Programs to discuss if enrollment is possible.

New Student Application Deadline (with no prior college experience)

Step 2

Students are eligible if:

  • They are registered in a Washington public school district. Private and home school students must register in a Washington State public school. Running Start students are not required to attend the public school.
  • They are in 11th or 12th grade at the beginning of the school year.

Step 3

Following the review of transcript, you will receive additional information about your eligibility from the college, including placement testing, orientation and advising. The Office of Concurrent Enrollment Programs communicates through email provided on the submitted application.

On-Boarding Process

Step 1

Submit a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) from your high school counselor (every quarter you attend as a Running Start student). This will determine how many tuition-free college credits you are allowed. You must pay tuition for credits above the allowable amount and for classes below the 100 level.

Your high school counselor will advise you of the classes you need to meet your high school graduation requirements. For students not seeking a high school diploma, have your counselor indicate this option on the EVF.

Step 2

Attend orientation.

  • SFCC Running Start students must attend a Running Start orientation. During the orientation, you will learn Running Start details, campus expectations, meet with a counselor and enroll into classes.

Step 3

Your payment portion.

  • Running Start students pay for mandatory fees, books and supplies. Most mandatory fees are waived for low-income students who can provide a reduced lunch eligibility document/letter any time within the last five years.

Additional Information

If you need to drop a class or withdraw from college, it is your responsibility to begin the drop/withdrawal process by contacting the Office of Concurrent Enrollment Programs.

Your SFCC grades are the same grades for college and high school. Grades are sent to your high school after the end of the quarter. Students can find their college grades on their ctcLink student center.


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