ENGL& 236/237, Creative Writing (5 cr.)

Creative Writing students explore the resources of their imaginations, sharpen their writing and verbal skills, all while reading a wide range of poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction-and creating their own individual works. Students also have the opportunity to meet nationally recognized writers, through Wire Harp: LitLive!, a visiting writers program that hosts a professional writer once each academic year, usually in winter quarter.

Creative Writing Students

Creative Writing courses are taught by professional poets and prose writers who are dedicated to the craft of writing and the appreciation of imaginative work that spans all literary genres.

Please visit the online homes of our ASG and IRP clubs, The Creative Writing Club and The Wire Harp Club. Creative Writing students and faculty are encouraged to submit their work to The Wire Harp, SFCC's creative arts magazine.

The class offerings for creative writing are as follows:
Class Credits
ENGL& 236Creative Writing I 5.0
ENGL& 237Creative Writing II 5.0

English Clubs at SFCC

The Creative Writing Club
Creative Club Students
Activities Students write, discuss writing, and enjoy each other's company and coffee. Students promote writing around campus and Spokane. We attend the readings of visiting writers at least once a month.
Meetings: Thursday, 1:00 - 2:00 (24-307)
Website: http://wecreativewriters.blogspot.com
Advisor: Erin Toungate
Phone: (509) 533-4186

The Wire Harp Club

Activities The Wire Harp is our campus's literary journal. Student staff put the magazine together from start to finish—from soliciting submissions, to evaluating the work, to advertising and training new staff. A coffeehouse reading and art show is held each May, at 11:30 at the SUB, when the new issue of the magazine debuts. Stay tuned to your campus activity calendars for our next show.
Meetings: Intermittent Friday Meetings, 1:00-2:30
Advisors: Connie Scott and Laura Read
Phone: (509) 533-3670 / (509) 533-4173

Visit our tables in the SUB on Club Day
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When The Tell Me It's Alzheimer's by Robin Golke

The drill bit is breaking & i have to make words of it

Your wedding band is cut from your delicate finger; they give you pills that make you shuffle & i have to make words of it

i'm searching with a seething rage that's male, hopeless, bare to the waist.

i'm as lost as you were when you kissed my dead father in his casket.

i've smashed every photo, burned everything i've ever written, spat at my graceful prose.

My confused tears fall on memories of you bathing me in the sink.

Gratefully, i would remove my own entrails & read their pearly scroll if only for an answer: why you mother?

You are vacuous, you leave me with clenched muscles. My two brothers fall away.

To read the current and past issues, please visit us online at graphicdesign.spokanefalls.edu/wireharp/index.htm

To pick up a print copy, visit various locations on campus, or the bookshelves in the study area in Building 24, near office 312.

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