Gerontology Paraprofessional

Spokane Falls Community College offers a program designed to provide specific training to individuals who wish to establish a career in meeting the needs of a rapidly expanding older population. The Gerontology program examines mental, emotional, physical and social changes that confront older adults. Gerontology is distinct from geriatrics, a medical specialty that explores health and disease in elders. Some of the current career fields may include program management, administration, recreation services, residential care, business and education fields, and human service programs related to life after sixty.

An A.A.S. degree and a certificate option are available. The associate in applied science degree prepares students for employment. The one-year certificate program is an option for those who have another degree and wish to increase their gerontology skills. Education in gerontology may be used as a support base for many helping professions. This area of study is also a resource for launching second and third careers.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to:

  • Comply with state and federal regulations regarding care and treatment of the elderly in residential care and activity settings.
  • Record, interpret, and analyze data to assist the elderly.
  • Provide senior citizens with opportunities for social exchange.
  • Provide skills that improve delivery services to the elderly.
  • Be political and social activists regarding necessary changes for improved elderly care and service.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates can find work in mental health centers, adult care facilities, clinical pastoral care, churches, hospitals, senior centers, senior volunteer programs, and any private or public programs serving senior citizens.

For more information contact:

Human Services Department - (509) 533-3148

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