Graphic Design

Graphic Design 2-Credit Self-paced Courses

The Graphic Design program makes the following self-paced software courses available to all students. These courses can be completed using the computers in the CBE lab (Building 19, Room 216) or from any internet-connected computer that has the course software installed. The instructions and quizzes are all available online, using the Canvas learning system, and grades are based on successful completion of projects and quizzes. For more information on these courses, please visit the Self-Paced Courses FAQ.

All announcements on this web site and in the CCS catalog are subject to change without notice and do not constitute an agreement between the college and the student.

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Class Credits
GRDSN 156Illustrator I 2.0
GRDSN 158PhotoShop I 2.0
GRDSN 163InDesign I 2.0
GRDSN 164Illustrator II 2.0
GRDSN 166PhotoShop II 2.0
GRDSN 168InDesign II 2.0
GRDSN 171Animate 1 2.0
GRDSN 172Dreamweaver 2.0
GRDSN 173Flash II 2.0
GRDSN 174Dreamweaver II 2.0
GRDSN 175After Effects 2.0