Business Technology Online - The FlexTech Way!

Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

The Business Technology Program at Spokane Falls Community College graduates students with a strong foundation of business and computing knowledge. Students are equipped with problem solving, teamwork, and communications skills that will serve them throughout their careers consistent with the following Educational Objectives:

After graduation or within a few years, our graduates may be able to do the following:
  • Attain careers as practicing office managers, administrative assistants, technicians, computer support personnel, office assistants, event planners, desktop publishers, information specialists, and more.
  • Pursue advanced studies in disciplines such as Business, Leadership, or Management.
  • Strive to be become active members and/or leaders in professional organizations.
The following methods and strategies are used in the Business Technology program to achieve these program educational objectives:
  • Provide students with experience in learning and applying technological tools to assist in problem solving.
  • Foster a personalized, supportive learning environment (with Completion Coach) to meet the diverse needs of all students.
  • Provide online and traditional learning experiences to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.
  • Enrich the learning experience by incorporating relevant simulated business and office activities.
  • Provide students with the opportunities to practice oral and written communication in a variety of business situations.
  • Incorporate professionalism, responsibility, ethics, and life-long learning in the curriculum.
  • Collaborate with advisory committee members to provide the most up-to-date curriculum offerings.

Student Outcomes—Business Technology Program

The following are the student outcomes for the one- or two- year BT programs. The student will have the ability to do the following:
  • Use common software tools in a variety of simulated activities.
  • Create original business documents to meet specific objectives.
  • Understand business and office practices and procedures.
  • Apply knowledge of basic business math or bookkeeping procedures.
  • Be proficient in the creation and preparation of common business documents.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in written correspondence.
  • Understand and apply business meeting techniques to a variety of situations.
  • Work as a member of a team and have an understanding of team leadership.
  • Implement research skills and problem solving strategies with practical business scenarios.
  • Practice with current technology and equipment.
  • Recognize the need for professionalism and ethical responsibility.
  • Understand the need for life-long learning in a technology rich career.
  • Understand possible career opportunities and professional opportunities.