Audio Engineering

Audio Engineers work in many different areas including recording and producing music for CDs, radio, television, motion pictures, and video games. They may also set up and run PA systems for concerts, festivals, sporting arenas, conventions, churches, live theater and nightclubs. Audio techs are responsible for recording or reinforcing live sound with all the instruments in proper sonic balance and clarity. In addition to having a "good ear" and an understanding of music, they must have a thorough knowledge of acoustics, microphones, mixing boards, signal processing and digital audio software.

What program does SFCC offer?

SFCC offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) and a Professional Certificate in Audio Technology. The program is the only one of its kind currently offered in Eastern Washington. It prepares students for jobs in digital audio production, analog and digital recording, live sound engineering, sound design, and as technicians in the broadcast and audio-visual industries.

Areas of study include: computer-based music technology software; digital and analog recording techniques and procedures; acoustics; microphone design and placement; signal processing and effects; songwriting, arranging, and film scoring; live sound reinforcement, location recording, system set-up and maintenance; music business; basic music theory and piano.