What is Ask-a-Student?

A free resource to connect you to the people with answers!

Who is Ask-a-Student?

A current experienced, successful peer mentor who has learned how to navigate the college system--knows the ropes--and has overcome many of the challenges you are facing now!

How can Ask-a-Student help me?

If you are a CURRENT student, Ask-a-Student can:

  • Connect you to campus resources you didn't even know existed!
  • Provide you with contact names and numbers of real people with real answers
  • Direct you to free tutoring in a variety of subjects
  • Answer or research with you the answer to all of your college questions

If you are a FUTURE student, Ask-a-Student can show you how to:

  • Schedule online appointments to take the placement test
  • Login to the financial aid portal
  • Purchase books and/or supplies for your classes
  • Connect with an academic adviser to help you schedule your classes

How do I access Ask-a-Student?

  • Email us at AskAStudent@sfcc.spokane.edu, and please include your phone number
  • Call (509) 533-3020
  • Drop in the Falls Gateway, Bldg 30, Rm 115 to meet face-to-face during Tutoring Center hours
  • Submit your question below: