Student Life

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee is assessed on a quarterly per credit basis: $4 per credit to a maximum of 10 credits. This money is used to acquire current technology to enhance student learning for all students at SFCC. A committee comprised students from Student Government and staff members decides each year how the money is to be spent. The past years' Tech Fee expenditures have dramatically improved the state of technology for SFCC students.

Typical technology purchases include:

  • Data Center and Network Switches
  • Servers and Wi-Fi Infrastructure
  • Electronic Classrooms and Video Projecter Lamps
  • Computer Labs and Printing Subsidy
  • State-of-the-art Professional Software, such as Adobe Creative Suite and AutoCAD
  • Program-specific Equipment, such as Piano Lab Pianos, Rowing Machines, Audiometers, and Sewing Machines