The Communicator

Statement of Purpose

Advisor Contact Info
Jason Nix
(509) 533-4185

The Communicator will help students learn, through real-world experience, what it means to be a journalist. The student staff will emphasize the ideologies of free speech, informed citizenry and distribution of information. We will learn the Associated Press style of writing and work towards objectivity in our reporting.

The Communicator is a functioning newspaper for the SFCC Campus. We will emphasize what fellow students on this campus find relevant, useful and interesting. We will offer a public forum to non-staff members in the form of letters to the editor. We will focus on local stories that have a direct impact on the lives of the people on this campus. We will produce an entertaining, informative and enjoyable read.

The Communicator will enhance the college experience of our student staff. We will be a place for students to belong, to meet people and make connections. We will care about the product we publish and leave this paper with memories worth having.

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