Getting Started at SFCC

  • I'm interested in attending your college and don't know
  • I want to start college but I'm would be best for me.
  • How do I know what books to purchase? When can I
  • I don't know what
  • I'm not sure how to
  • When is the last day to receive a refund?
  • When is my due?
  • Does your college have
  • Can I while attending SFCC?

About Our Programs and Classes

  • Where can get I get a copy of the
  • I'd like a copy of your
  • What type of do you offer?
  • I'm interested in the program. Who do I contact?
  • I'm interested in the program. Who do I contact?
  • I need information on
  • I'd like to know more about the
  • I need information about

Special Needs Services and Programs

  • What type of support do you offer
  • I'm a who's interested in attending college.
  • I'm a and have recently experienced changes in my life that now require me to work.
  • I'm a and would like information on attending your college.
  • Do you offer to students attending your college?

Financing Your Education

  • I'm looking for information on
  • Where can I find out about opportunities for students?
  • I need help with filling out my forms.

Grades and Graduation

  • How do I get
  • I think I have What do I do now?