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Faculty and Staff Involvement

Mission Statement

The CCS Equity Council fosters an inclusive environment, promotes all types of diversity and serves as a support network for the CCS community.

The CCS Equity Council organization is a collaborative body that offers a means of bringing together CCS staff who can voice opinions on prevailing issues that affect CCS.

By acting as a resource group providing input to CCS, this organization serves the community as a support mechanism for the promotion of understanding, acceptance and valuing of all cultures. The CCS Equity Council hopes to achieve an appreciation of the richness of cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity and the many contributions that have been made, and will continue to be made, by diverse groups throughout the history of this nation.

The CCS Equity Council organization is fully recognized by the board of Trustees as a district organization devoted to the achievement of this vision. The CCS Equity Council serves as an advisory committee to District 17's Board of Trustees via the Chief Executive Officer, and also to the community of Spokane.

From Accreditation 2003, one of SFCC's core values and goals is to encompass diversity in our students, faculty, staff and community in the belief that it enriches our learning and growth.

Goals of the CCS Equity Council

  • To be recognized as an advisory council to the board of Trustees through the CEO of CCS District #17.
  • To be a resource to the existing units within CCS as they work to enhance their diversity.
  • To have CCS Equity Council representatives serve on screening and hiring committees for CCS.
  • To recruit for and serve as speakers or presenters for classes, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • To promote better understanding of dominant and non-dominant cultural differences and similarities.
  • To mentor non-dominant culture employees by participation in established mentoring programs.
  • To promote and encourage diversity training opportunities.
  • To be a catalyst to prepare others, especially students, to live in a global world of diversity.