Sources of Aid

Scholarship aid does not have to be repaid. Funding for scholarships comes from local high schools, employers, the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation and private sources. The scholarship application process is separate from the application for federal and state financial aid. Deadlines for scholarship application are generally in late winter or early spring for the following fall quarter.

Search the SFCC Online Scholarship Database.

The CCS Foundation offers several scholarships throughout the year. Their website also houses an Online Application, usually due around March 15th of each year.

The Spokane Falls Community College Career and Student Employment Center has several scholarship search programs available for students or potential students to use, as well as scholarship applications from local businesses or organizations that have provided scholarships for SFCC students in the past.

There are excellent scholarship search tools online. Several of these are located on the Financial Aid Links page on this site. High school students should check with their high school counseling centers. Parents and employed students may want to inquire with their employers to see if they offer scholarships for employees or employees' children. Local city and county libraries are another good resource for scholarship information.