Philosophers address the tough questions. At one time or another we all wonder about what is real, what we know and how we should live. These are the same questions great thinkers have mulled over throughout the ages.

Students in philosophy join a conversation that actually began thousands of years ago with Socrates and Plato. Philosophers share a great curiosity and a desire to understand fundamental issues. They enjoy reading others' views and they think critically about the things they read.

Philosophy provides an excellent background for many challenging fields. It is a first-rate trainer of the mind for those interested in medical ethics, professional ethics or law because it requires them to examine arguments and evidence very carefully before coming to a conclusion.

Philosophy is a basis for economic thinking because it engages moral questions about the importance of economic activity and how to fairly distribute its products and services. Philosophy complements political science because when one has considered what is meant by the good life one can make wiser decisions about how to create a good society.

Those interested in theology will find an examination of questions of value: how to live, what religion is about, faith and reason, and the arguments for and against the existence of God.

SFCC courses in philosophy include introduction to philosophy, ethics, logic, philosophy of religion and problems of modern philosophy.