Social Sciences Department

If you want to discuss the modern world knowledgeably, you must first consult history. History tells us things we can't learn any other way. It allows us to compare ourselves with people who lived before us and with people from other cultures.

Having a sense of history gives us a better context for making decisions, it lends perspective on change and the continuity of things, it adds richness when we see we aren't the only ones to experience something ... or when we are.

The SFCC history department offers classes in Western civilization, Asian civilization, American history, Latin American History and Pacific Northwest history.

Those who pursue this field find job opportunities in historical research, museum work and teaching. Some write historical novels or history textbooks. Others document their travels for travelogues.

Yet history has application to many fields. Journalists, for example, benefit from the deeper understanding of the world provided by history. Business people who deal internationally find an understanding of history and other cultures is essential-and greatly appreciated by their international clients.

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