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Web Faculty/Staff Phone Office Email
  Bellerud, Heather; Secretary Senior (509) 533-3710 006-0101 Heather.Bellerud@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Browne, Emily; Music Instructor (Horn) (509) 000-0000 015-0213 Emily.Browne@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Brunt, Bonnie; Dean of Visual and Performing Arts (509) 533-3339 015-0105 Bonnie.Brunt@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Butler, Louise; Music Instructor (Cello)   015-0105 Louise.Butler@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Cotter, Daniel; Music Instructor (Clarinet)   015-0213 Daniel.Cotter@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Day, Jennifer; Administrative Assistant (509) 533-3720 015-0104 Jennifer.Day@sfcc.spokane.edu
Music Guerrero, Rosi; Music Instructor (Piano) (509) 533-3719 015-0227 Rosi.Guerrero@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Johnson, Skyler; Music Instructor (Trombone, Tuba)   015-0213 Skyler.Johnson@sfcc.spokane.edu
Harmony University MUSC 143 - Music Theory III Krumbholz, Gerald; Music Instructor (Department Chair) (509) 533-3991 015-0103 Gerald.Krumbholz@sfcc.spokane.edu
Music Theory I SFCC CHOIRS History of Popular Music Music Fundamentals Lansing, Nathan; Music Instructor (Choral) (509) 533-3721 015-0218 Nathan.Lansing@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Larsen, David; Music Instructor (Concert and Jazz Bands) (509) 533-3724 015-0220 David.Larsen@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Mannino, Clara; Music Instructor (Flute)   015-0213 Clara.Mannino@sfcc.spokane.edu
AUDIO117 Intro To Music Technology Jazz Combo McCollim, Danny; Music and Audio Engineering Instructor (509) 533-3238 015-0221 Danny.McCollim@sfcc.spokane.edu
  McNally, Patrick; Music Instructor (Bass)   015-0105 Patrick.McNally@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Moe, Eric; Music Instructor (Trumpet)   015-0213 Eric.Moe@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Moody, Jason; Music Instructor (Symphony Orchestra) 509-533-3769 015-208 Jason.Moody@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Olsen, Andrea; Music Instructor (Voice) (509) 533-3778 015-0219 Andrea.Olsen@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Plewniak, Kim; Music Instructor (Jazz Bass) (509) 533-3775   Kim.Plewniak@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Raymond, Paul; Music Instructor (World Drumming)   015-0106 Paul.Raymond@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Schoeff, Bethany; Music Instructor (Oboe)   015-0213 Bethany.Schoeff@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Shields, JP; Music Instructor (Guitar) (509) 279-6452 Pullman-202B JP.Shields@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Westrick, Rick; Music Instructor (Percussion)   015-0207 Rick.Westrick@sfcc.spokane.edu
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