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Many students entering college or returning after an extended absence from studies need additional reading, writing, and study-skills work to prepare for college-level courses. To meet the needs of these students, SFCC offers Developmental Education courses in the College Literacy Center (CLC). These courses are numbered below 100 and, although taken for credit, are nontransferable.

Students enroll in the CLC in one of three ways:

  • Placement by the COMPASS Entry Exam
  • On recommendation of academic consultant or counselor
  • Self-choice

English 94 includes practice with college preparatory skills, habits, and sensibilities. When students complete English 94, they should be able to…

Students studying
  • Identify appropriate learning strategies for various learning situations
  • Apply this knowledge to actual learning situations
  • Self-assess the quality of the application of the strategies
  • Become more meta-cognitive
  • Become more responsible for own learning

By the completion of English 96, Reading Improvement, a student should be able to...

Students studying
  • Improve comprehension of academic texts
  • Negotiate texts using active reading strategies during pre-reading, reading, and post-reading
  • Evaluate the origins, types, and purposes of messages
  • Distinguish between major and minor details
  • Organize information to develop and support ideas
  • Connect readings to personal experience and prior knowledge
  • Summarize authors’ ideas
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Demonstrate understanding of what technologies to use to gain information and when to use them

By the completion of English 98, a student should be able to…

CLC students
  • Brainstorm varied details to support a specific topic
  • Annotate a text in order to effectively summarize and respond to the ideas in that text
  • Discern and record specific details in light of particular rhetorical purposes to support claims
  • Respond thoughtfully to texts
  • Organize ideas in a coherent manner
  • Practice writing that is a process requiring thoughtful reconsideration and revision
  • Improve prose through instructor, self, and peer feedback
  • Generate clear, grammatically correct prose
  • Submit original work by established deadlines
  • Gain justifiable confidence as writers of prose

By the completion of English 104, students will be able to…

  • Recognize the constituent elements of a sentence
  • Develop grammatical correctness in key concepts: subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, and pronoun case
  • Identify and use most common marks of punctuation (period, comma, colon, semicolon, apostrophe)
  • Demonstrate standard grammar and punctuation use in original writing

When students complete English 152, they should have…

  • Increase Reading Rate
  • Developed reading rate flexibility
  • Developed previewing strategies
  • Developed strategies for reading a wide variety of topics and genres


For over two decades, SFCC students have completed reading, writing, and study skills courses in the CLC and have continued on in their college-level courses feeling prepared and supported. Here are some recent student comments from end-of-quarter surveys:

College Literacy Center
  • "I am very impressed with the CLC. [...] I got a better understanding of how to take tests, take notes, and how to improve memory."
  • "The improved learning and organizing techniques I have learned are essential, important, and are already helping me in other areas of school an everyday life."
  • "Because of this course and the instructors, my ability to write has increased tenfold."
  • "I feel like my writing confidence has greatly improved because of the instructors’ continuous help and feedback."
  • "I liked working in the CLC and with my instructors. I always felt welcome. I am excited to come back next quarter and learn more that will help me for the future."
  • "Time management! This was a great unit for me to do; it helped me understand how important time is and how much I should use free time wisely instead of misusing it. I like how time management has somewhat changed my life around."
(The above comments are samples of answers to student survey in the 2010-2011 academic year.)
College Literacy Center


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