Computer Science & Information Systems

The Computer Science & Information Systems Department at Spokane Falls maintains multiple missions:

  1. Provide a transfer capability for students who want to major in computer science, computer engineering, computer information systems or management information systems.

    Applicable classes include introduction to computer science CS I and CS II, OOP with C++, C, Java, beginning and advanced Visual BASIC, computer literacy and UNIX. Three transfer degree programs are offered:

  2. Provide a vocational Information Systems option. Vocational programs are featured in the SFCC Technical/Professional Web site. SFCC offers the following standard two-year (six-quarter) A.A.S. degree program:

    The department also offers several short-term certificates for add-on to other A.A.S. programs or for retraining - quick entry and exit:

  3. Provide general student service.
    The Computer Science department offers several courses, including computer literacy, that satisfy the computer needs of both transfer and vocational students.

    In addition, there are several self-paced classes in Computer Applications and operating systems. These classes are offered in an open lab environment. Many of these courses are also variable credit.

  4. Provide Community Service courses.
    The campus Business Technology Lab cooperates with Continuing Education and SCC Extended Learning to offer non-credit and seniors computer oriented courses.

We also offer programming courses designed for Computer Science professionals and high end users to upgrade their skills. These classes include C, OOP with C++, Unix, and beginning and advanced Visual Basic.